Thrown upon you
I told you the story
Unwillingly to hear
Gone were our days of glory
I could feel your fear
Fast breathing, speeding heart
Seconds removed from a breakdown
My shoulder wet, we fell apart
Your eyes so wet, tears will drown
Learn to swim, i told you wisely
Up against the stream
One day, dry will your eyes be
Living your dream.

Too much tears to bare
My wings became too heavy to wear
I kneeled down and wept
From then on till forever I slept

Tulips from Amsterdam? Not interested.

Dutch daylight

Keeping track

Tabloid time


Looking up against the wall
All seems so high when you’re not that tall

No cityscape or landscape for a change, but a foodscape. One mighty fine breakfast.
Bananapancakes blueberry party

Looks like someone left their light on..